What clients and colleagues have said

"Tania is a fierce champion for people. She’s optimistic and she sees potential in everyone-- those who report to her, those that seek her out as a mentor, her friends, and anyone she  encounters on life’s journey. When I reported to Tania, she made development planning a very  important part of our work and was at once challenging and supportive. And she was known for  giving people the opportunity to take on tasks, projects, assignments they weren’t necessarily  ready for and truly championing their success." 

Tracy Burke, Founder and Principal - Vista Leadership, Boulder, CO

"I was fortunate to be mentored and led by Tania Zeigler over a couple of years. During that time, Tania taught me many lessons about personal growth, balance, leadership and advocacy. She exemplified the utmost composure and leadership in complex discussions, which encouraged trust and buy-in by not only stakeholders she worked with, but also team members like me. Tania taught me how to be receptive and agile with feedback- turning critique into positive changes quickly. She helped me refine my career goals, pursue a promotion in an area I was passionate about and ultimately, attain the new role. She also provided critical feedback and encouragement to me as I embarked on launching my own company over the last year. She gave me confidence that my ability and impact is infinite. Tania is a natural coach and truly helps all those around her achieve their highest potential."

Christine Thai, CEO and CO-Founder, Therapeasy

"Our time together was valuable and productive. Tania has a good demeanor, clear intent, and a commitment to improve the lives of others.  She was great at  encouraging me to celebrate all that I accomplished in a very trying 2020.  She helped me remove all the second guessing and see that I am amazing when I work within my truth. "

Stephanie Knight, Executive Director, The Senior Hub

"Tania is a tireless advocate for staying true to yourself and finding a career path that aligns with your personal goals and mission in life. Her wealth of experience in executive leadership and training makes her a masterful coach. She has helped me identify and magnify the key strengths I have and effectively communicate those strengths in my resume to accentuate the talent and expertise I can bring to an organization. She has the uncanny ability to dive into the core of who you are and build a strong and lasting belief in yourself and your aptitude. I am grateful for her friendship and vigorous belief in my ability to make an impact."

Kimberly Roth, Senior Director of Product Management, Friday Health Plans

I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Tania Zeigler, and came to know her as a truly inspiring leader at Kaiser Permanente. She is energetic, motivating, and incredibly hard working. Beyond that she is an incredible leader that elevates those around her to work through difficult situations. Her knowledge of the healthcare industry and expertise in the customer experience arena was a huge advantage to our entire department. She put this skillset to work to help team members like myself excel in complex environments and navigate the ambiguity found in large organizations. I have always admired and appreciated Tania’s willingness to invest her time in developing people to go beyond perceived barriers and fears. She is a trailblazer in moving teams and people to higher expectations.

Derrick Washington, Operations Manager
Kaiser Permanente